"Good job making a presentation on a dry subject interesting and entertaining."

"Very knowledgeable with great operating experiences."

"Excellent course and material."

"Very informative and good use of real life examples."

"Course materials are well put together."

"Instructor was very knowledgeable about the subject matter. He was also enthusiastic about the subject matter."

These are a few of the positive comments received from a class of sixteen engineers attending two-days of training on ASME Section III presented recently by Jim O'Sullivan of Procon1 at a midwestern nuclear power plant.

The Section III session was developed by Procon1 as part of a new and different five-day training course, The ASME Nuclear Codes, that is designed specifically for power plant engineers. The course provides a detailed review of the two principal Nuclear Code Book Sections to familiarize both new and experienced engineers on the content and proper application of the rules and provisions of ASME B&PV Code Sections III and XI.

ASME Section III, Rules for Construction of Nuclear Power Plant Components, is reviewed in sufficient detail over the course of two days to provide technicians, engineers and supervisors involved in the design, planning, construction and modification of nuclear systems of an operating power plant with practical and functional knowledge of what the rules are, where the rules are found, and how they are applied in their every day activities. Recognizing the diverse functions and responsibilities of power plant engineers, the course does not dwell on details that many attendees will never be associated with; but it does provide a thorough overview that creates insight and awareness of benefit to all.

ASME Section XI, Rules for Inservice Inspection of Nuclear Power Plant Components, is covered in somewhat more detail over a period of three days, as this is the Code that many power plant engineers are involved with on a daily basis. Approximately one third of this session involves a detailed review of preservice and inservice inspection requirements, with the majority of the session concentrating on the rules and provisions of the Code that are associated with repair and replacement of nuclear power plant components.

Both sessions cover the history and evolution of nuclear power and of each of the Nuclear Codes. Included are detailed explanations of the Code Committee organization and the processes for developing and modifying rules, initiating and processing Code Cases, and processing and implementing Code Interpretations. Also included is detailed discussion on how the Nuclear Regulatory Commission interfaces with the Code Committees, and how it generates the regulations and laws that adopt and modify the ASME Code requirements.

Each course is based on the latest Editions and Addenda of ASME Section III and ASME Section XI endorsed by the Regulator in 10CFR50.55a. (Currently available in either the 2004 Edition or the 2008 Addenda of either or both.)

Each course identifies the specific regulatory restrictions and conditions imposed on each Code section by 10CFR50.55a.

Each course may be customized to identify the differences between the latest approved Edition of Section XI and/or Section III and the Edition that is currently applicable to your particular power plant.

The course includes actual Case Studies involving application of specific Code requirements, and how they are handled. Also included are a mixture of interesting nuclear facts, descriptions of the various types of nuclear power systems, and entertaining yet educational tales of both nuclear and non-nuclear engineering errors that have led to disaster.

This is the essential course in the Nuclear Codes that all of your technical and engineering personnel need to experience. It can be presented as-is "out of the box," or it can be customized to any extent to suit your specific applications and needs. The course can even be modified to comply with your site's specific training program and become an accredited part of your own training curriculum.

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