The four-loop steam generator replacement at the Callaway Nuclear Plant in the fall of 2005 set a new World Record. Procon1 is proud to have been the supplier of choice to provide the supplemental Plant Welding & Code Engineer and Field Welding Engineers dedicated to supporting AmerenUE in their monitoring and oversight of welding and Code-related activities throughout this highly successful project. In addition, these Procon1 personnel furnished Owner-perspective technical review of the prime contractor's ASME Section XI work packages and related installation documentation to support timely generation of the Owner's ASME Code Data Reports.

Procon1 is proud of the supervisory and technical oversight it provided to The Steam Generating Team (SGT, Ltd), for welder performance qualification testing at two of its highly successful Nuclear Steam Generator Replacement projects - Prairie Island (Minnesota) and Callaway (Missouri).

Procon1 provided AmerenUE with a Nuclear Plant Welding Engineer for a 1-1/2 year period, enabling their permanent staff to devote full time to a special long term project. Included with this assignment were multi-plant benchmarking and a complete rewrite of the Station ASME Section XI Repair Program for the 10-Year Update.

Procon1 in 2008 developed the ASME Section XI Repair/Replacement Program, developed the fusing program and procedures, interfaced with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to achieve Regulatory approval of Callaway's Relief Request, provided oversight for the qualification and testing of fusing operators and performance demonstrations, and provided expert input for resolution of technical issues associated with installation of HDPE (high density polyethylene) Piping for AmerenUE at their Callaway Plant. The project - the first installation of HDPE Piping in a nuclear system in the United States - involved shop fabrication of 22-1/2 deg, 45 deg and 90 deg mitered elbows, and installation of 2000 feet of buried 36 NPS DR9.5 (4-inch wall thickness) PE4710 piping.

Procon1 provided PPL Susquehanna, LLC, with a full time Plant Welding Engineer to support implementation of the Extended Power Uprate Project on Susquehanna's Unit 2. The assignment included review and approval of supplier welding program procedures, welding procedure specifications, and welder qualification records - as well as oversight of welding activities during replacement of six feedwater heaters and resolution of technical problems encountered during installation.

Procon1 provided expert consulting services to the Electric Power Research Institute in the development of studies and reports on nuclear welding programs, emergency service water operability, repairs to leaking nuclear piping systems, and development of reinforcing sleeve and pad repair methods for nuclear raw water systems. Devloped Relief Requests and interfaced with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to achieve Regulatory approval for application of Code Case N-789, Pad Reinforcement, and Code Case N-786, Sleeve Reinforcement, at 10 nuclear power plants.

Procon1 has assisted other industry leaders, including Northeast Generation Services, in the evaluation and refinement of their welding program and procedures. As a result, they were able to meet the economic challenges associated with this rapidly changing technology, while ensuring complete compliance with governing Codes and regulations.

Procon1 developed a comprehensive and "best in the industry" ASME Code / Safety-Related HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Fusing Program and Procedures for a leading industrial construction company, Kiewit Power Nuclear.

Procon1 developed a corporate HDPE Fusing Program and Procedures for Exelon, for implementation at 17 domestic Nuclear Units at 10 power plant sites. This program coveres ASME / Safety-Related fusing for Class 3 Syatems, as well as for non-safety systems - including simultaneous fusing of a 12 x 18 IPS dual containment system.

Procon1's reputation is based on more than forty years of dedicated and diversified service to the nuclear power industry. Knowledge and skills acquired through this experience range from:
Drafting to field engineering to site management;
Piping and support engineering to start-up testing to project supervision;
Weld engineering to materials engineering to design engineering to engineering management;
Group supervision to production supervision to department management;
Program and procedure development to group realignment to department reorganization;
Technical instruction to personnel development to leadership and engineering training program development, and course development and instruction of a five day course on the ASME Nuclear Codes.

Procon1 is now sharing the unique skills and knowledge acquired through this diverse experience with others. And we are prepared to share them with you.

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