Procon1 was founded in 2002 by Jim O'Sullivan, after 16 years at PPL Susquehanna, LLC in the design, planning, implementation, testing and management of modifications at their operating nuclear facility. This experience was preceded by 21 years with Bechtel, and included 16 years in the construction of nuclear power plants and 5 years in the design and construction of refineries and chemical plants. Throughout his career, Jim has been recognized as an expert in ASME and AWS Welding Code requirements, and is now a recognized expert in the Fusing of nuclear HDPE (Polyehtylene) piping in accordance with the ASME Code. His membership and participation on AWS and ASME Code committees continues to support this recognition.
His accomplishments include:

Design, development and implementation of a Nuclear Station Welding Program that received acclaim from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as "one of the best"

Development, training and implementation of a Weld Trending Program that reduced a power station's weld reject rate by more than 75%

Development, qualification, and successful implementation of the world's first major wet underwater welded repair and modification of a nuclear reactor internal component (the start of an industry trend that gained him international recognition and an award from the American Nuclear Society)

Complete rewrite and subsequent publication of AWS D3.6 (the world standard for underwater welding)

Authored multiple articles that have been published in The Welding Journal

Member of the Task Group for writing the underwater welding rules for Nuclear Power Plant Components (ASME Section XI)

Contributor to the development and publication of the AWS Welding Handbook Chapter on Underwater Welding and Cutting

Design and implementation of several nuclear plant piping weld overlays - including authoring, development, processing and continued sponsorship of three (3) published ASME Code Cases

Development and implementation of one of the first Engineering Task-Certification Training Programs to be accepted by the National Academy of Nuclear Training (INPO)

Contributor in development of, and DDI-Certified course instructor for, an 80-hour Supervisory Leadership Training Program for existing and potential supervisors

Development and management of a consolidated multi-discipline Modification Group performing all aspects of design, planning, materials engineering, field engineering, implementation and testing of modifications and repairs at a dual-unit nuclear station

Interface for the Owner with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, development of the Owner's ASME Code Program and Process Procedures, and qualification of the procedures and personnel for the first installation of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) piping in a Nuclear Safety Related System in the United States.

Development and delivery of a comprehensive one week training course for Nuclear Plant Owner personnel, acclaimed as "excellent" as well as "interesting and entertaining," on understanding and implementing the ASME Nuclear Codes, Section III and Section XI.

Co-authoring and presentation of two papers on the design, fabrication, installation, examination and testing of high density polyethylene piping in an ASME Section III Class 3 Essential Service Water System. (EPRI Welding and Fabrication Technology for New Power Plants, June 22-24, 2009, Fort Meyers, Florida; ASME 2009 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference (PVP2009), July 26-30, 2009, Prague, Cjech Republic.)

Member of the ASME Section IX Subgroup responsible for writing the rules for preparation and qualification of fusing procedures, and for qualification of fusing operators, for the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code.

Member of the ASME Section III Subgroup on HDPE Piping for Nuclear Applications, and Working Group on HDPE Materials, Fabrication and Examination.

Chairman of the ASME Section XI Working Group on Non-Metallic Repair/Replacement at operating nuclear power plants, including HDPE Piping and Carbon Fiber Composites.

Development of a comprehensive "best in the industry" ASME / Safety Related Polyethylene (HDPE) Fusing Program and Process Procedures for a leading construction company.

Development of Numerous ASME Section XI Code Cases for repair by weld overlay reinforcement, by reinforcing sleeves, and by reinforcing pads.

Development of numerous Regulatory Relief Requests, including interfacing with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to achieve approval of the Relief Requests for several nuclear power plants.

While Procon1was founded as a means for Jim to share this knowledge and experience as an independent Welding and Code consultant, it wasn't long before clients recognized the benefits of using Procon1 with its strong technical background for filling additional supplemental manpower needs. Since early 2004, Procon1 has been providing highly competent supplemental technical support to the industry.

Jim and the other Procon1 personnel continuously demonstrate their technical aptitude and inherent desire to do the job right - the first time and every time. And now Procon1 is positioned to apply such technical ability and personal work ethic not only in the areas of welding and Code, but also in piping, mechanical, civil, NDE, quality control and various other aspects of construction, maintenance, modification, repair and operation.


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